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Buying a staircase – need it be complex?

Building your dream home or performing re-modelling or renovation are all exciting projects. Homeowners today have more confidence than ever to create the home they want and, with a high quality staircase company in England to help them design and install a staircase, it is no surprise.

Making or breaking success

Regardless of what your project is – and internal staircase connecting a mezzanine floor to the lower level, or an external staircase – getting it wrong, can mean both function and visual appeal is compromised… and this is why you need to employ the vest best staircase company in England.

  • The function – stairs offer safe passage to and from one level and another. They need to be made from a material that is suitable for where they are located.
  • The appeal – and their appeal, their overall visual impact needs to work with, and compliment, their surroundings. This doesn’t mean, however, that your staircase cannot be the focal point of any room or space; far from it! More and more homeowners are realising the aesthetic appeal and power that a well-designed, bespoke staircase can have and how employing the services of a professional staircase company in England can give them the results they want (and the stairs they desire!)

And so, any staircase needs to have rhythm, strong vertical lines (even if it is a curves staircase), it needs to be graceful and overall, have a powerful design statement that says ‘LOOK AT ME!’.

The days of stairs ‘just being stairs’ are gone; many interior designers consider them not ‘just’ a key aspect of climbing and descending from one level to another but one of the most powerful design statements you can make within a home or business.

Choosing wisely…

And then, once you have chosen the shape and design of stair, you will need to take a look at material… and it is no longer wood that is the only suitable material.

Anything goes, or so it would seem. Working with a proficient staircase company in England, you can now create the most unique of staircases, using a mix of materials that may not have been considered on previous occasions.

Glass, for example, it making inroads in to people’s homes but, it was used in the 1990s to create a bespoke staircase in the Apple Store in New York. Industrial glass, toughened, yet still delightfully delicate and graceful in it overall appearance.

Metal, its sleekness and coolness, is also still a firm favourite; either the minimalist appeal of aluminium or the much-hankered after industrial look of steel and aluminium combined.

Wood, still a firm favourite, a material that can be crafted into a smooth, curved staircase; it can be varnished or painted too….

With so many choices, and yet you have a vision too that you want to create, why wouldn’t you work with one of the most renowned staircase companies in England…?

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