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Staircase Company Birmingham

Are you designing and installing a new set of stairs in and around Birmingham?

If so, you need a professional, expert and skilled staircase company – and we are the right people to call!

The staircase can, in many ways, look and feel quite ordinary. In many ways, it is not always given much thought, other than it is an essential addition to a property where there is more than one level to move between.

As long as it meets safety and building standards, most staircases don’t get a second glance.

We think and know that this is something many people are now beginning to fight back against. The staircase, although essential, can now be the star of the show; it can be the piece of interior architectural design and wonder that people can marvel over… and we know just how to do it!

Pick your material

There are many materials available for the modern staircase and as an expert staircase company operating in and around Birmingham, we know that with a few simple additions, the stairs can be transformed from ordinary to extraordinary!

In many ways, it is not only the design that can do this but the choice of material or materials because, after all, a staircase does not have to be built from one type of material alone.

GLASS is a modern material for staircases and one that packs a real punch when it comes to the wow factor. It works really well in any kind of space or interior, and is simply brilliant for throwing light around. In fact, we would suggest incorporating as much glass as possible in a design if the space that it is to occupy is small and more than a little dark. Both ambient and natural light will bounce of every surface, making the space shine.

WOOD can add texture and a sense of warmth to a space. Treads and handrails can be made from light or dark woods, and they give a room a delightful air of elegance and decadence. Ramp up the wow factor with some ornate balustrades.

METAL, from brushed or polished steel or aluminium, the use of metal can give any staircase a welcome edge. Many people enjoy the minimal look of aluminium, but some people enjoy the industrial character wrought and ornate iron too.


When it comes to designing and installing a delightful staircase, you will be surprised at just how far your money will stretch.

Why not call us for even more tempting design ideas for staircases?

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