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Spiral Staircases Sheffield

Spiral Staircases Sheffield

Continental Stairs provides a Spiral Staircase supply and install service to the Nottingham area.

Don’t overlook your staircase!

Look around your home, spotting all the architectural and design features that please you (or displease you as well, in some cases!) and then cast your eye over your staircase. Functional. Wooden, in most cases. Swirling spindles and possible shaped, or maybe with a dog leg to accommodate a rise that would otherwise be too steep.

If you could redesign you staircase, what would you replace it with? What would it look like? What would it be made from? These are all questions that customers need to answer, with many Sheffield based customers choosing spiral staircases…

Don’t underestimate the ‘job’ in hand

Removing and replacing stairs is a major structural undertaking, akin to taking down a supporting wall that should NOT be attempted by anyone unqualified or new to structural work within a home. It is not a DIY job to be taken on over a weekend…

But, if they are huge, restrict the space in which they sit, swallow light and generally look cumbersome and oppressive, then it is worth taking on the challenge of redesigning your stairs and having the dust and disruption to be left with amazing spiral staircases, bespoke and unique to Sheffield properties – both homes and businesses.

Stuck for space? Current stairs ‘too big’?

Spiral staircases have an uncanny ability to offer the same journey between different levels as other shaped stairs, but without the needs to ‘sprawl out’ and take over floor space in order to support the structure.

Spiral stairs work around a central pillar or column, that takes the weight, distributes it evenly around the structure so that they are safe and secure. The fact that the edges are curved also allows light to play and bounce around the structure. Open treads can also help with light too, allowing both natural and ambient light to filer round the room.

Think they are too small and fiddly

Many potential customers of spiral staircases for their Sheffield homes, think that they are still the awkward looking, black metal staircases from the flat pack kits that so many people bought; usually a second staircase into a snug loft conversion, no longer are these the only option when it comes to spiral staircases.

They can be made to fit any size home or hallway, using different materials from all wood, metal or glass, to a mix of these materials too.

But surely they are out of my price range?

Think again! The costs involved in creating, designing and installing spiral staircases at Sheffield properties are far more ‘cost-effective’ than you think. They are an investment, but they are an amazing interior design ‘item’, a beautiful structure within any home – why just settle for the ‘usual’ staircase when you can have a spiral?

Please contact Continental Stairs for all you Spiral Staircase requirements.

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