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Spiral Staircases Perth

Spiral Staircases Perth

Spiral staircases – used throughout history and across continents

The history of the staircase is wide and varied, but spiral staircases attract a high level of interest. Their curves and design features also make it a hot favourite with homeowners, architects and interior designers alike. Their versatility to fit most spaces as well as the fact they can be made from a wide variety of different materials make them a hot favourite in modern day homes, including within Perth properties.

Spiral staircases can be seen in the most unlikely of places – castle where they an important defence feature and in churches and cathedrals, where their added a function packed within a small, narrow, constricted space.

They were also once found in fire stations across America. If you are thinking of installing a spiral staircase in your Perth property, a little history from the other side of the Atlantic can be used to regale your visitors...

Early 19th century firemen used hand pumps to spray water on burning buildings. This meant they had to get incredibly close to the flames and so the invention of the steam engine in the 1850s was welcome news.

Firemen could now use these machines to spray the flames from a safer distance but they needed help in moving the heavy, unwieldy beasts around. And so fire horses were gainfully employed and large, two storey properties were built to house the steam engine and the horses. But, the horse, always looking for the company of humans and lured by the smell of food started to climb the straight stairs.

And we all know, do we not that horses can climb UP stairs better than they can walking DOWN them.

Faced with this problem of not wanting horses up the stairs but needing quick access to the lower level when the fire bell rang, the brass pole and spiral staircases were introduced into American fire stations.

Horses cannot walk spiral staircases and do they remained safely on the lower levels. Clearly, the invention of the internal combustion engine meant horses became obsolete in the modern fire service with the spiral staircases being kept merely as a reminder of the past.

Spiral staircases are a fantastic addition to any Perth property, whether an office or other business setting or within a domestic property. They offer a functional piece of furniture that has a style all of its own – it can be made from metal, wood, glass or a combination of materials. It can sit proud and be an amazing feature, or can it can nestle unobtrusively in the corner or small space of a room.

As well as this versatility, its shining glory must surely be its ability to fit any room or any interior design style. A bespoke spiral staircase for your Perth property is truly a wise investment of both time and money.

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