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Spiral Staircases Newcastle

Spiral Staircases Newcastle

Continental Stairs provides a Spiral Staircase supply and install service to the Liverpool area.

The pros and cons of spiral stairs

Spiral staircases for Newcastle properties can offer so much but, we find that any people on hearing the word ‘spiral’ and stairs think back to the rickety stair kits that were narrow and winding, making walking up and down them, with ease,  virtually impossible!

Times have changed and spiral staircases for Newcastle properties, both domestic and commercial have moved on.

Making a statement!

Many people opt for the gentle curves of spiral staircases at their Newcastle properties simply because they like the gentle twisting and the overall look of the stairs. They invite people to touch them, as well as use them! They really do make a delightful feature that people will comment on time and time again. If you are looking to add glamour and interest, why not opt for spiral stairs?


The overriding reason why people originally opted for spiral staircases at their Newcastle properties was the fact that a full set of stairs, without too steep a gradient, could be installed in what seemed to be the smallest of places. For many people, this is still true today – if you have a shortage of space then spiral stairs is the way to go! However, don’t assume that this is the only reason for installing spiral staircases.

Versatile in terms of materials too

At one time, people would associate spiral staircases with metal. The fancy, rather ornate ‘cut away; patterns in both the read and the flourish of the bannister rail, was the accepted design for these types of staircases.

The only aspect that remains the same today is the strong, supporting central column round with the treads gently wind but the materials have changed! You can still use metal, or why not combine with wood? You can also use glass in both the treads and side panels. What about teaming this with aluminium?

No longer ‘just’ the second staircase or access to the loft

Spiral staircases in Newcastle properties have grown up. Relegated to the position of ‘second staircase’ is no longer true; they make great main staircase, especially when designed especially for your home or business – and when designed and installed by professionals who know everything about stairs – from the right materials for the job, the planning permissions and the building regulations that need to be met in order for your spiral stairs to ‘cut the mustard’.

To look the part, spiral staircases at Newcastle properties need to be well-designed and fitted – you’ll never regret opting for such a curvaceous design.

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