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Spiral Staircases Middlesbrough

Spiral Staircases Middlesbrough

Continental Stairs provides a Spiral Staircase supply and install service to the Middlesbrough area.

Elegant, curving spiral staircases – perfect for

castles or new build properties in Middlesbrough

There are a few design features in our homes that we can link to the past…

  • A George Jennings registered the first patent for a flushing toilet in 1852 – the style of sanitary ware and plumbing may have changed over the years, becoming more stylish and hygienic, but the basis design concept remains the same
  • Stairs were cut in to hillsides hundreds and thousands of years ago as nomadic tribes made their way from place the place – the principle remains the same; it is far easier to climb a steep slope in staged, stepped phases rather than precarious balance on a steep gradient
  • Spiral staircases were first seen in castles and turrets across the country, all spiralling in one direction so that the attacking force were at a disadvantage
  • And then they were seen in grand house of the upper classes, broad sweeping spiral stairs that looked opulent and luxurious…

And again, the design basics of spiral staircases remain in use in several Middlesbrough properties – and yours could be next!

The delights of spiral staircases for Middlesbrough properties are numerous…

  • Space! – we all love space; we all need space and if you struggle for it in the hallway then spiral staircases can be a delight as they reveal the space that is hidden away, unusable by other shaped stairs.
  • Accessibility – don’t think narrow or steep; think gracious, wide as you want, proper tread size steps to and from the levels in your home. The days of rickety spiral stairs are gone…
  • Attractive – who doesn’t love curves? There is nothing more to be said but just watch as people can’t help but touch the spiral, following the smooth curve of the hand rail…
  • Versatile and any material really can be made in to a spiral – you can opt for the sumptuous feel and cool elegance of glass; or the more traditional wood or maybe the twist and turns of cast iron… or maybe the clean lines of aluminium… or maybe a combination of all these materials? Can you see what we are saying? Bespoke spiral staircases for Middlesbrough properties can be made from all kinds of materials, unique to you!
  • A piece of art – it may sound over-the-top but spiral staircases created for Middlesbrough customers are all works of art; there will be no other staircase like it.

With a growing portfolio of happy, satisfied customers, all now owners of not just bespoke spiral staircases but other uniquely delicious staircases too, why not take a look at what we can achieve for you?

Please contact Continental Stairs for all you requirements.

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