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Spiral Staircases Livingston

Spiral Staircases Livingston

Create the perfect spiral staircases

If you building your dream home or renovating a property, at some point you may need to consider the design and installation of a staircase unless, of course, your property is on one level and stairs are a superfluous.

Spiral staircases are an increasingly popular choice when it comes to replacing or creating a new staircase. They offer flexibility as well as an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to choosing the material you want it made from. Like other staircase designs, materials can be mixed and matched so as to complement your interior design style.

Chose the right material: wood, metal or glass or a combination?

Many spiral staircases were made from metal, usually an ornate iron affair, with several flourishes and curves. Many Livingston properties boast such spiral staircases although some properties that demand a more modern style use a combination of brushed steel and wood. This creates a minimalist feel that many customers welcome.

An increasingly popular choice for spiral staircases, especially for those customers looking to make a very big architectural statement within their property is glass. Not many people would have opted for glass, thinking it slippery and fragile but with the various treatments available, glass has become one of the toughest materials around.

What about style?

Style is a personal choice. Your spiral staircase needs to either complement the interior or contrast it. Some Livingston customers have chosen to make a daring, bold statement with their spiral stairs whilst other properties demand a more gentile approach. Either way, the curves of a spiral staircase add beauty to an interior design scheme. Use wood and steel for a minimalist style, or all wood with ornate carving or features for a grand, sweeping staircase or glass for a bold statement that invites guests to ‘try it out’.

Does size matter?

Some Livingston customers have designed and installed spiral staircases with Continental Stairs that have allowed them access to the rooms using the minimal amount of space possible. Other spiral staircases are far larger and more sweeping in design. With regulations to meet, we make sure that no matter what size or design your spiral staircase needs to be, it will meet and surpass all building and safety standards.

What about drawbacks?

There are very few with spiral staircases but they are not to everyone’s taste. The sweeping, circular motion can be unbalancing to pets and some people. Open stair treads that we associate with spiral stairs can also cause issues but with the latest designs, many stairs are now encased. Spiral staircases do not always offer the best path for moving large or cumbersome products or items between floors.

But all these drawbacks can be solved with clever design and the right materials. Contact Continental Stairs for honest, impartial advice on your new Livingston property staircase.

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