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Spiral Staircases Liverpool

Spiral Staircases Liverpool

Continental Stairs provides a Spiral Staircase supply and install service to the Liverpool area.

The history of the spiral staircase – the symbol of power and significance

Today, in the 21st Century, spiral staircases for Liverpool properties are becoming increasingly popular. Their visual and designer appeal attracts many people to opt for these this fabulous design and they are all following in the footsteps of some great buildings and designers.

The distant past

We are all familiar with spiral stairs within castle, and within some other grand settings. Until recently, this is how spiral staircases for Liverpool properties were used – the grander the property, the more likely it was to have spiral stairs. This was simply because of the cost involved in designing and engineering them.

But, in the very distant past, they were used in many settings. Although there is no physical evidence, the Bible holds a story of King Solomon’s Temple that boasted not one, but two spiral sets of stairs.

The oldest example of spiral stairs can be found in Sicily, with the stairs dating back to 480BC.

After this time, it took many years before such stairs became popular and it was down to the Romans, the inventors of so many engineering feats, to once again create stunning spiral stairs. The Trajan column, standing at 38 metres with its dizzying spiral stairs is credited with making the design popular again.

In fact, like spiral staircases for Liverpool customers, they are essential functional but, in many different eras throughout the ages, they also played an important additional function – that of defence. In fact, it is thought that the Romans invented the notion that for a right hand swordsman to ascend spiral stairs twisting to the left would put them at a disadvantage. Copied centuries later by the great designers and builders of castles, it was an important aspect of defence and attack.

Modern day spiral staircases for Liverpool properties

Earl example of spiral stairs relied on the imposing central column, the lynchpin of its strength. It was in the 16th Century that the first example of spiral stairs was built without this column once again, the Italians took the lead with spiral stairs, with no central supporting column in the San Nicola Campanile Stair, the lesser known cousin of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Modern inventions of alloy metals means that spiral staircases for Liverpool properties can be made from virtually any material; wood, of course, remains popular with steel and other metals used too, along with more modern applications of materials such as glass and acrylic.

With more people gaining confidence in creating fabulous interior designs, bespoke spiral staircases for Liverpool homes and businesses is now a reality!

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