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Spiral Staircases Irvine

Spiral Staircases Irvine

Spiral Staircases – a delightful curving design!

There are so many places that spiral staircases will work in an Irvine property; no longer the poor relation and the staircase that fits in the corner of a room to take you to a loft conversion, spiral staircases had grown up. Coming of age, they can be designed to your exacting and unique requirements; they can be made from a range of materials and their installation can be completed by a specialist firm, such as Continental Stairs, guaranteeing longevity and durability.

Where and how can spiral staircases be used in your Irvine property?

Domestic or business, spiral staircases have a place in all properties:

Perfect as loft or attic access

In fact, this is the ‘traditional’ and accepted application of spiral staircases, mainly because the curving nature of the design means that a ‘full’ and functional staircase can be fitted into a smaller space. Visually if makes the space appear less cluttered, whilst architecturally, it adds interest to a difficult area.

Large Foyers

Grander Irvine properties, from the bigger homes through to larger business premises, the sweep of spiral staircases is complimentary to its surroundings, adding a grandiose ambience to any entrance hall. Quite simple, we believe that spiral staircases can ‘work’ in any room or space.

And not just for the outdoors…

Another place where spiral staircases are traditionally spotted are as a second staircase on the exterior of a building, offering in some cases the all-important fire or emergency exit. Typically made from steel, these stairs at one time were seen as ugly piece of engineering; today, some opt for this industrial style but you don’t have to. Exterior spiral staircases at your Irvine property can be made from wood, metal or a mixture.

Stylish AND functional too

And finally, as we have already mentioned, spiral staircases can be a stylish yet functional escape options for Irvine properties who need an exterior route to leave the building to satisfy building regulations and planning permissions too.

But, just because you need an escape route doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style, having a large ugly structure stuck to the side of your revamped property.

Are you thinking spiral staircases may be an option?

Spiral staircases are no longer just made from kits; you can design your own bespoke stairs, with the curves made from the materials you like and want for your Irvine property. Why not contact specialist stair company Continental Stairs for some design ideas?

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