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Spiral Staircases Inverness

Spiral Staircases Inverness

Some things you need to know about... spiral staircases

Spiral staircases are nothing new.

They have been around since mediaeval times and were usually built in a clockwise way so that any attackers were at a disadvantage. In fact, take a walk around churches and castles and you will soon see that spiral staircases were everyone at one time; in fact, they were the favoured option.

So, how come they got forgotten about and that now, in the 21st Century, it is every designer and architects dream when a client says, “I’d like a spiral staircase for my Inverness home”?

Open plan living

Another modern ‘invention’ is the open plan living space or office. The basic design concept is to offer minimalistic surroundings in a vast, open space but a potential conflict arises when you need to add a staircase to the space. An enclosed, straight, traditional, clunky staircase will clearly be at odds with the minimalist layout. Spiral staircases, with the choice of materials and sizes, make a welcome additional design statement within such a cavernous, open plan space. Spiral staircases in open plan spaces within Inverness properties allow for light to play, and shadows to be minimised.

Exterior staircases too

The versatility of a spiral staircase is not confined to the indoors. An exterior fire escape need not be an ugly feature, bolted on to the side of an Inverness property. They too can have a sense of style and are far less obtrusive than other designs.

Spiral staircase kits Vs. Bespoke designs

Spiral staircase kits are available and for some Inverness properties, might just fit the bill. However, as with all staircases and not just those that spiral, there is a need for them to be structurally sound and fit correctly. Planning regulations require certain aspects to be met and if you intend on using a spiral staircase as your main ascent and descent from one level to another in your Inverness property, it would be a wise investment of time and money to consult a specialist firm such as Continental Stairs.

Going up...

Mezzanine floors are a great way to add an additional layer of space in your Inverness home and what better way to access this floor than a spiral staircase? The versatility of a spiral staircase means it can either be a wow, design feature or a, unobtrusive, yet functional piece of furniture.

Going down...

Some Inverness homeowners choose to realise the full potential of the cellar or basement and again, the spiral staircase comes into its own. But gaining access can be a headache. A traditional, straight staircase might be at too steep an angle and would be akin to climbing Everest in order to leave the basement. A spiral staircase would take away this steepness.

Take a look at a spiral staircase in your Inverness home or work space as a central feature. People love the soft curves of a spiral staircase; it invites people to take the stairs and see what lies above (or below). They have the wow factor. Why not look at our extensive gallery of bespoke spiral staircases we have created.

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