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Spiral Staircases Hamilton

Spiral Staircases Hamilton

Add style to your Hamilton home: add a spiral staircase

Spiral staircases are an amazing, yet completely functional piece of fixed furniture within your home. But why is adding a spiral staircase to Hamilton homes and properties such a good way of adding style, in an instant?

The Curve

There is no doubt that the main stylistic impression created by this type of staircase is the circular motion of its ascent and descent. With a spiral staircase, there are no sharp angles; no corners to jut out or snag. No awkwardness on the eye, just a curvaceous flow from one level to the next.

Spiral staircases in your Hamilton home will also invite people to connect with it. The pleasing of the curves and circular motion of the eye presents an opportunity for people to explore. It is like having a new toy; people simply must ‘have a go’!

Can fit the smallest of spaces... or fill the room

The great thing about a spiral staircase in your Hamilton property will be the versatility of it in fitting the smallest of spaces – or making the grandest of sweeping gestures!

Many spiral staircases have a diameter of around 4 to 5 feet meaning it can fit in just about anywhere in your Hamilton property. Have a larger space to fill? Not an issue. A professional company such as Continental Stairs, one of Scotland’s leading bespoke staircase companies, can create the spiral staircase to fit, perfectly.

Choose the right location for your spiral staircase

Wooden spiral staircases can be bought in kits. These are pre-cut kits, containing all the necessary components to construct a simple spiral staircase. Whilst for some, these pre-defined and pre-measured kits work well, it has led to a whole host of properties having an ill-fitting staircase.

With a professional company and a bespoke staircase, you won’t suffer from ill-fitting. Many people do not always realise the head space needed at the top of the staircase; ill-fitting means that even the smallest of people need to bend their heads to make it safely through the gap. Anyone taller might need to be on their knees...

Not a job for a DIY beginner or the inexperienced

Spiral staircases within your Hamilton property need to be measured, built and fitted correctly. There are many factors and mathematical factors that need to be brought into play, as well as some local building regulations and permissions. Get these wrong and your spiral staircase will be a disaster.

Creating the perfect spiral staircase, made from your chosen materials, to fit with your Hamilton property takes time and skill. If you are thinking of investing in such a staircase, stop-by Continental Stairs. As one of Scotland’s leading bespoke staircase designers and installers, you know you can trust and rely on us to create the perfect spiral staircase for your Hamilton home or business.

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