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Spiral Staircases Falkirk

Spiral Staircases Falkirk

What home renovations are on the horizon at your Falkirk home for 2014?

With more of us choosing to ‘stay put’, forsaking the hassle and disappointment of selling, the upsurge in DIY projects and home renovations is noticeable. And customers are becoming savvier; they are realising that the norm does not have to remain – staircases do not have to be straight! Spiral staircases are firmly on the agenda off Falkirk customers!

The Choice of Material

Back in medieval times, spiral staircases were often integrated into the security features of a castle or property; for your enemy to run fast up a spiral is virtually impossible! Moving at speed causes the sense of balance to be lost, meaning that their intention of surprising their enemy was somewhat lost if they needed to recover from dizziness at the top of the staircase.

Made from stone back in days gone by, today’s spiral staircases for Falkirk homes can be made from a variety of different material but, it seems for 2014, following the trends within interior design and décor, there are two leading contenders: wood and metal.

  • Wood – amazingly affordable and fits with any period property, any design and any budget. As a natural product, it brings life into the home; it can be painted, polished, varnished or stained. The type of wood is not limited either; opt for cherry, oak, walnut, mahogany, any wood in fact and finish it to how you want your staircase to look. Best suited to interior spiral staircases, we have created many such sets of stairs for Falkirk customers and beyond.
  • Metal – another hot contender for the material that will be used in many home renovations projects during the coming year but, its prices are enjoying a revival on the global market meaning that as a material, metal spiral staircases could be more expensive, maybe even a budget-buster for some Falkirk customers. But, it has a longevity unlike any other material and many people welcome the industrial look of the staircase. Left ‘raw’ or painted with specific metal paint, it easy to see why many people are casting a fresh look in the direction of metal staircases; likewise, many Falkirk customers needing external stairs to satisfy building regulations are looking to metal spiral staircases as a possible solution.

But are they not cumbersome and awkward to climb?

Only if you intend on running up them to surprise your enemy. You are harking back to the days of kits, when spiral staircases were used in poky corners, to connect two levels that always felt like they should not have been connected internally. 

Continental Stairs design and create bespoke spiral staircases for Falkirk customers, as well as customers from across Scotland and the UK. There is nothing ‘off the shelf’ or ‘pre-packed’ about any of our staircases, spiral or otherwise.

Offering so many options, why not take a look at spiral staircases today with Continental Stairs?

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