Spiral Staircases Edinburgh

Versatile, Functional and Unique – opt for a spiral staircase

There is no doubt. Spiral staircases in any Edinburgh property – domestic or business – will add drama and a sense of opulence to any room.

Spiral staircases have something unique and special about them. Despite taking up less actual space than other staircase designs, spiral staircases have a sense of uniqueness about their design.

But, before you consider whether a spiral staircase is right for you, your home or your business, advantages and disadvantages of spiral staircases should be carefully considered:

  • Personal preference – many customers, when in the fortunate position of deciding on a new staircase, prefer the elegance and features of a spiral staircase over any other design. Spiral staircases are considered by some Edinburgh customers are being ‘different’, out of the ordinary and far more attractive than other designs.
  • Tactile and with a sense of mystery – spiral staircases never fail to amuse or intrigue. As soon as people catch sight of spiral staircases, they want to touch it and explore, taking a trip up and down the staircase!
  • Versatile in materials – Continental Stairs have designed and built spiral staircases for many Edinburgh customers, all made from various materials. The uniqueness of spiral staircases can be enhanced by the different types of materials that can be used to build it – metal, wood and glass are just 3 examples of the differing materials that can be used. Spiral staircases can be designed and built to match the theme of your interior design.

However, there is one notable disadvantage to spiral staircases. Unfortunately, they are not as user-friendly as other design of staircases. Older people or those unsteady on their feet will find the ascent and descent on spiral staircases far more difficult than straight forward staircases.

No matter what staircase design you opt for, it needs to be functional and useable to all members of the family or, in the case of a public building, to customers or employees.

There is no doubt that spiral staircases offer a unique vision within any home or business premises. Continental Stairs offer a comprehensive, specialist design and staircase building service. They can offer impartial advice on all aspects of design and technical specifications.

Spiral staircases are also more affordable that you think! Contact Continental Stairs today for information and further details on their great spiral staircases packages.