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Spiral Staircases Dundee

Spiral Staircases Dundee

Spiral Staircases -  from the past to the modern

Stairs need to be functional; they are essential in any situation where a person needs to frequently and safelyreach another level. They can be made from one or two treads, or made from hundreds.

199 - The number of steps up to Whitby Abbey

Stairs must be one of the oldest and most ancient components found across the world, although no one knows how or where staircases first made an appearance. One estimate is around 6000BC. Staircases change shape and design as technologies advances and design trends evolve.

Stairs evolved in nature long before they appeared in our homes and office. They were seen as the perfect solution to the rough, uneven terrain in many parts of the world. Survival was the key and so stairs, built up a valley or over a mountain offered animal and people the perfect solution to getting up and over, away from predators and other danger.

As our homes evolved and grew, so did our use for stairs.

But, before stairs reached our homes they were pressed into commercial use. Castles and palaces, in Great Britain in particular, had great strategic importance. Keeping your village safe and your position of power safe was the ultimate goal.

It is in castle that it is believed we first see the use of spiral staircases. They were built to descend and ascend the towers and turrets of castle. Made from stone, they were long lasting and also meant that as the defender of the castle, meeting the enemy on the stairs coming up, meant you could keep your sword in your right hand (usually the ‘fighting hand’ in most people) and you left hand on the staircase wall, keeping your steady. The attacker coming up the stairs, would find it much harder to balance on the stairs with no rope to grab on the outside wall. Likewise, the narrow spiral staircases meant that the attackers had to ascend one at a time, rather than en masse as an attacking army would prefer.

Modern day stairs

As interesting as all this is, what does this have to do with spiral staircases and Dundee customers? From survival to combat, stairs served a function and in modern times they still need to be functional and be designed appropriately to fit in our homes.

Spiral staircases are back in vogue. They are a trend that is fashionable and within reach of most budgets.

Clearly, the majority of spiral staircases in Dundee are not required for combat purposes but for some people it is a way of making an internal design statement. People love the look and feel of a spiral staircase; people have to touch and they usually ask for the experience of ‘going up and down it’ (swords optional).

But spiral staircases for Dundee customers have one distinct advantage. In homes or spaces where there is not a huge amount of space, spiral staircases can nestle. A straight staircase may be too steep and therefore not as functional.

Neither do modern staircases need to be made from stone, like medieval castle example. Wood or metal, or a combination of the two is popular choices. Advances in technology, engineering and design also mean that glass is an option now. Imagine a glass spiral staircase in your home!

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