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Spiral Staircases Cumbernauld

Spiral Staircases Cumbernauld

Consider a beautifully made spiral staircase for your Cumbernauld property

Choosing a spiral staircase for your Cumbernauld property might not seem an obvious choice of shape or design. With so many magazines and television property programmes, as well as the vast amount of information on the Internet, homeowners are becoming more discerning in their interior design choices. If you are looking to replace or install a bespoke spiral staircase, Continental Stairs have some great ideas for you.

Spiral staircases, no matter what material they are made from, are beautiful architectural pieces for any home or property. The beautiful, flowing curves of the stairs can accent an area of your home, highlighting features or it can blend into the area.

Looking for flexibility in positioning your staircase? Staircases are often the first thing we see when we walk into the entrance hall but many Cumbernauld customers are looking to spiral staircases as ‘second’ stairs, installing them to gain access to mezzanine floors or loft conversions.

The design possibilities are almost limitless when it comes to spiral staircases. No matter what interior design themes or style of your Cumbernauld property, spiral stairs can be made from a variety of materials including wood, metal or glass. Many Cumbernauld customers decide to mix materials for a truly bespoke design; many people mix a steel structure with wooden stair treads to create a minimalist, modern look and feel their staircase. Other customers opt for an all wooden spiral staircase, with sweeping curves and ornate decoration. Who wouldn’t want such a fabulous interior design statement in their home?

But spiral staircases are not just for domestic properties. They can also be a functional interior design statement within a commercial setting too. If your premises are open to your customers, why not consider a spiral staircase? Continental Stairs can advise as to the design, structure and materials for such a project.

Size is important too. Spiral staircases are great space savers; they can fit in the smallest of places or they can majestically sweep from floor to floor. No matter what the specifications and size available, Continental Stairs are confident they can create a bespoke spiral staircase that fits your needs and requirements exactly.

And there is no need to worry about budget. You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable and within reach a bespoke spiral staircase is for your Cumbernauld property. Although handcrafted and built to order to meet your specific design specifications, a spiral staircase from Continental Stairs is within reach. Creating a beautiful, functional spiral staircase is an investment and one which many customers have made – but none have been disappointed.

If you need ideas or inspiration for your spiral staircase, contact Continental Stairs. With many years experience of creating bespoke staircases to suit all properties and budgets, they have become one of Scotland’s leading staircase companies.

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