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Spiral Staircases Clydebank

Spiral Staircases Clydebank

Be inspired!

Spiral staircases at your Clydebank property and beyond are inspiring pieces of architecture and design, making the process of ascending and descending from one level to another a journey of joy.

There are many example of grand and beautiful spiral staircases from around the world, all of which can inspire you to create the perfect spiral staircase for your property. If you would like to expand your ideas from the ‘ready to fit’ kits to something a little more sturdy and impressive, take  look at some of these examples from across the Globe…

LONDON and the Tulip Stairs at the Queen’s residence in Greenwich. Design in the 17th century by Inigo Jones, this masterpiece is thought to be the first example of a geometric, centrally unsupported spiralling staircase to have been built in England. Looking to the vast staircase, the window at the very top is like a blue iris gazing down on the world below. Named after the flowers on the metal work balustrade, this design presents itself as something truly awe inspiring.

Not sure such large spiral staircases would fit your Clydebank home? The scale may be too big but a reproduction may be possible. Clearly a bespoke design, it would add a slice of grandeur.

NEW MEXICO and the amazing spiral staircase found in the Loretto Chapel, Santa Fe dates back to the late 19th century. Designed by a French architect, these spiral stairs were created after the chapel was built and to solve a problem that still exists for many property owners today – lack of space. Built by an unknown carpenter, it took 3 months build but still remains enigmatic today. Despite being structurally sound, there appears to be no supporting centre post or any outer support either, although since their construction, supports have been added.

What material would you use in your ideal spiral staircases for Clydebank properties? Would it be all wood like this staircase at the Loretto Chapel or a combination of materials?

ROME also boasts a number of fantastic staircases such as the spiralling example within the Vatican Museum. Designed and built in the early 20th century, this example is actually two separate helical staircases, one that takes you up and the other that takes you back down!

Is this something you would consider? Does your Clydebank project have the room and funds for two separate spiral staircases?

These are just three examples from many hundreds of spiral staircases from across the world, all designed and built with one thing in mind – to transport someone from one level to another with style and ease. In fact, spiral staircases at your Clydebank home could see you make a real entrance!

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