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Spiral Staircases Bristol

Spiral Staircases Bristol

Continental Stairs provides a Spiral Staircase supply and install service to the Bristol area.

Choosing stairs – have you browsed the many designs of spiral staircases for your Leeds property?

We love spirals! Spiral staircases for Leeds property gently wind their way up and down, making the descent and ascent a delightful, curvaceous journey… are you in the process of designing a new staircase?


First impressions count and the first thing that the majority of people look at when they enter a property designed along traditional lines is the staircase.

We always say that functional does not have to mean boring, and spiral staircases are the so far removed form run-of-the mill as you can get. The very shape of them invites people to comment on their beauty, to touch them and to climb the treads up and down, to experience this spiral journey themselves.

A true talking point, they will add a certain ‘something’ to any Leeds property.


Now you have decided that you want a spiral staircase, the next important decision is material. There are many to choose from but there are two factors that impact on material choice: budget and interior design style…

  • Not all materials for spiral staircases are suitable or match the interior design scheme of your Leeds property. You may want a wooden staircase, with a light beech effect or your may prefer the mixing of aluminium and beech… the choices are endless!
  • Budget is also a major factor; how lovely would it be to have a blank cheque for your spiral staircase?! Inevitably, some materials are expensive than others. Glass, for example, possibly the most desired and desirable of materials will cost more than some woods; metal is also expensive at the moment, due to a perceived shortage. Mixing and matching materials is a way of having some important components parts in your chosen material, without busting the budget and heading towards bankruptcy.

Safety & Building Regulations

Stairs are important in any property. For the majority of us, we have one staircase and that forms the main exit from the upper or lower floors to ground level in the event of a catastrophe, such as fire. For obvious reasons, therefore, spiral staircases at Leeds properties to meet and surpass (is possible) the safety guidelines and the building regulations that are in place.

Of course, using a specialist firm that deals every day in bespoke designs of staircases, spiral and other wise, for Leeds customers and others is probably a really good way of getting a set of delightful, safe and stylish stairs…

Please contact Continental Stairs for all you Spiral Staircase requirements.

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