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Spiral Staircases Birmingham

Spiral Staircases Birmingham

Continental Stairs provides a Spiral Staircase supply and install service to the Birmingham area.

Spiral staircases for Birmingham properties – possible or not?

Circles, curves, spirals… whatever you choose to call them, there is something incredibly pleasing to the eye when taking in the delights of spiral staircases in Birmingham properties.

They invite people to touch them; entice people to take the journey up and down. They delight people, adding a real sense and element of design to any space.

And space is something that spiral staircases are good for. Many Birmingham properties, like others across the country, are not always gifted with an abundance of space. We would all like to live in a house that is bigger; we would all like a sweeping, grand circular stairs but that is not always possible.

Spiral staircases, without losing any of their functionality or designprowess, can be fitted, providing current building regulations are followed into the smallest space imaginable – without crowding it or blocking.

But we are not talking ‘kits’ here. Spiral staircases at many Birmingham properties will be out of a box; great as a second staircase to gain access to a loft conversion or other room, they always seemed flimsy and a little rickety…

Here at Continental Stairs we design spiral staircases for Birmingham customers that are bespoke and enhancing for the space; custom designed and individually measured, as well as crafted. There is no dodgy mathematics here!

The sturdy supporting column will see the correct sized tread allow you step by step to make your journey up… and down. You can take your pick of materials too from the cool delight of wrought iron, the cool sophistication of minimalist aluminium, to the smoothness of wood or the jaw-dropping delights of glass.

Or, if you can combine any number of these materials. The only preventing factors being your imagination and your budget.

It all comes down to money, in the end. On one hand you want functional, yet superb spiral staircases for Birmingham properties but without the massive designer price tag.

Custom made staircases can carry custom price tags too but with spiral staircases, depending on the complexity of design and installation, along with your choices of materials, you will be amazed at how cost-effective they actually are.

Established many years ago, we have worked with hundreds of customers across the UK to design their own spiral staircases and we can do the same for Birmingham customers too. We design your customs stairs, we then measure and create a scaled plan of the structure. Our experienced, skilled team of crafts people then install your staircase to high, exacting standards, each and every time.

Take another look at what spiral staircase can offer your home or business.

Please contact Continental Stairs for all you Spiral Staircase requirements.

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