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Glass Staircases Stirling

Glass Staircases: Practical for your Stirling home or business?

Possibly one of the most fashionable and elegant additions to any interior design, glass staircases are now becoming increasingly popular. But, many potential customers of these structures often ask us here at Continental Stairs, are glass stairs really practical?

But, glass staircases can be practical solutions for both a domestic setting and within a business – after all, the Apple Store in New York has had a glass staircase, inviting customer to both the first and second floor of their retail store for many years now.

What are the endearing and practical qualities of glass staircases?

Durability – we have already mentioned the two-storey glass staircase at the Apple store and its famed durability. In fact, glass staircases, Stirling customers will be pleased to know, are just as durable as stairs made from other materials, such as wood for example. But it also had another advantage – glass neither rots nor erodes over time and is not susceptible to insect infestations.,

But, a negative aspect of this durability is that while wooden stairs can be fixed easily and are also relatively inexpensive to do so, glass treads can be more costly to repair. 

However, the need to repair a shattered glass tread is unlikely; as far as we know, there has never been a need to repair a shattered glass tread at the Apple store! 

Cleaning – many Stirling customers enjoying the delights of their glass staircases tell us that cleaning is easier; in fact, they feel they need cleaning less often than some other types of materials and, when they do need a clean, it is as easy as wiping over with a damp cloth.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that glass treads can be slippery underfoot until the cleaning product has dried so extra care it worth exercising but this can apply to other materials too. Glass staircases can also be vacuumed too.

Visually exciting and mysterious – thus far, we have a staircase that is durable and easy to clean, add to this the appeal to the eye and you really do have one of the most exciting materials for staircases. 

What does having glass staircases say about our Stirling customers? They ooze artistic, savvy and classic. In the past, we have always been led to believe that something that looks as good as this, cannot be practical too but glass stairs are the opposite of this; fabulous looking and practical.

Price – many people are put off initially looking at glass staircases as viable options for their Stirling home or business, as they feel the cost will be extortionate BUT, you may be pleasantly surprised!

If you are looking to replace or design a new staircase, why not take a look at a bespoke design with Continental Stairs?

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