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Glass Staircases Paisley

Glass Staircases Paisley

Ever hankered after a beautiful piece of interior architecture?

If you have, then why not consider installing a glass staircase in your Paisley property? With an amazing sense of opulence, this staircase will be an instant talking point when guests enter your home.

Here at Continental Stairs we often how asked how much are glass staircases and how long do they take to make etc. We’ve put together a few answers for you; you will be amazed at just how viable an option a glass staircase is!

How does ordering my glass staircase work? Is it a long process?

It is not a cumbersome process at all. Once you have decided that a glass staircase is for you, we will send a representative that will follow you and your staircase journey from design, through to installation. Our design team will create a bespoke glass staircase for your property that fits exactly with the dimensions required. This process can take a few days to complete. The various parts and components will then be ordered pre-installation so that when work on your staircase commences, it can be completed without waiting for parts to arrive.

At one point in the house build should I consider my staircase design?

Like the saying goes, “the sooner the better”! We can work with you at any stage of a new project especially on a bespoke, glass staircase. Many people use this type of staircase as an interior design statement, around which the interior revolves. Getting it right is not only essential from a practical point of view but also from an interior design angle.

What about planning regulations and the size of the glass staircase?

There are a number of regulations that need to be considered when it comes to planning and installing your glass staircase – in fact, they apply no matter what material your staircase is made from. We will ensure your bespoke staircase meets all building regulations such as individual step height and the pitch angle of the stairs, as well as all the additional regulations and requirements.

Are glass staircases safe?

Absolutely! The glass used in treads and other component parts of the stair case meet with strict guidelines and regulations. Not only that, the glass is toughened and under goes several different process before it reaches your Paisley property. This ensures the highest quality glass as well as the safest glass is used. All component parts meet with the various standards for using glass in staircases, from the treads through to the balustrades.

Is glass very expensive?

A glass staircase for your Paisley property is an investment. It will last a lifetime and morel it creates a unique statement to the interior of your property. Before making a decision, contact Continental Stairs for design ideas.

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