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Glass Staircases Nottingham

Glass Staircases Nottingham

Continental Stairs provides a Glass Staircase supply and install service to the Nottingham area.

Get the right staircase material…

On one hand, you would think this is a straight forward choice! But, as the boundaries of design are pushed more and more, it seems that there is no end to the materials or combinations that can make up your staircase. But what about glass staircases for your Nottingham home or business? Too much or just right?


A favoured material for many years, wood can create a fantastic looking bespoke staircase suitable for the interior of any property. Strong and versatile, it has a timeless appeal and is a material easy to work with.

But why not combine wood within glass staircases for your Nottingham property? Many people enjoy the combination of wood, such as beech or oak, with glass panelling. With a bespoke stair design, it is possible to create a completely unique design, mixing and matching combinations of a variety of materials.


We have already mentioned that glass is a great material when combined with others or used on its own. Many people opt for glass simple because it allows light – natural and ambient – to ‘play’ and bounce around a property. Neither will glass staircases in Nottingham properties look big, cumbersome nor out of place and, for many people, they add an amazing touch of glamour and opulence to their home. Many businesses are also finding that glass is a great way of making a statement too.

However, glamour and opulence are not the cheapest factors in town, so to speak and many people find the all-glass staircase too much for their budget to handle. However, we know that investing in glass staircases for your Nottingham property will last for years to come, so it is worth taking the plunge… or why not combine glass with other materials?


Once the preserve of the industrial staircase, metal is also now welcome in many homes and businesses. Liked for its minimalist, non-fussy style, many interior designers favour this material but, badly designed metal stairs can look too cumbersome, too industrial and too ‘obvious’.

However, brushed metal such as aluminium works well with glass, especially in more contemporary staircase designs.


And making it on to the list is concrete; like metal, concrete was seen as a material used in industry and construction, used mainly outdoors as a material that could weather everything thrown at it. Polishing concrete however, can have a great effect, creating a smooth, polished surface that is hardwearing. Again, adding glass to this material can make for a real statement staircase.

Creating bespoke glass staircases for Nottingham properties is something that we love doing! Why not see if your dream can become a reality?

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