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Glass Staircases Livingston

Glass Staircases Livingston

Glass staircases – a functional trend or just a trendy flash-in-the-pan?

Glass is a great product. Advances in technology now mean that the application of glass as a ‘building’ material is becoming increasingly common. The plethora of TV programmes that look at renovation and building your own home have also added to glass becoming an increasingly popular request for staircases.

But is glass all that it is cracked up to be? In a few years, will glass staircases be a deal breaker when it comes to selling your Livingston property? Will glass staircases become passé, noted in the design books of history as a trendy flash-in-the-pan?

Is there a less suitable material for staircases...?

You wouldn’t necessarily think of glass as a suitable material. A fragile material that can be easily broken seems the last choice for a staircase that will transport the human body (and pets) up and down, between the levels of not just our homes but increasingly in commercial premises too.

Technology never stands still; as we discover and harness the power of one factor, we move on and look to another to improve the use of that material. Glass is one of those materials that technology has developed – it is now toughened to unimaginable strength, hence it makes for an effective material from which to create luscious staircases.

The plus points of glass staircases... and a few minus ones to take into consideration...

  • Glass creates a fabulous minimalist style of staircase for use in domestic and commercial Livingston properties, especially when the whole staircase if made from glass – treads and balustrade
  • Glass staircases are incredibly tough and safe, with advances in both technology and engineering making it a viable material for staircases (as well as other applications)
  • A combination of processes can create different ‘look’ and textures to glass such as laminating, toughening and etching; using such processes glass is transformed from a brittle fragile material to one on which elephants can dance (if they did dance)
  • Glass staircases, along with any other combination of materials, not only create a wow factor but also move and bounce light around – a glass staircase in your Livingston home or commercial premises will transform it

There are, however, a few minus points...

  • Cost – can be prohibitive for some people but with advances in technology as well as production process, it is beginning to come down in price
  • Glass still has a certain amount of fragility to it, even if it is toughened; it will withstand most vigour that life and family can throw at it, but it can be chipped and, under extreme duress, can still shatter
  • Can be slippery, so opt for etched treads as they will help feet ‘stick’ a bit better
  • Toughened glass is heavy and so you will need to experience, skills and ability of a specialist staircase company such as Continental Stairs to get the ‘behind the scenes’ technical stuff correct

Glass staircases are within reach of Livingston customers; if you thinking of investing and installing a glass staircase in your Livingston property contact Continental Stairs for a detailed design and quotation service.

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