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Glass Staircases Kirkcaldy

Glass Staircases Kirkcaldy

Planning on a new staircase? Add your own stylish twist with glass

Not many Kirkcaldy homeowners find themselves in the fortunate position of being able to replace or create a new staircase. The good news is that you can add your own creative stylish twists on the design; one way of doing this is the choice of material.

Glass staircases are one way of adding a unique flourish to your Kirkcaldy home. But no matter what material you decide to use for your new staircase, they can be an expensive item of essential ‘furniture’ in your home and is not something we invest regularly in which is why it is important to get the design, style and material right.

  • Material

Many people opt for ‘safe’ material choices when it comes to staircases. Wood of course, tends to be a highly favoured option but growing in popularity are glass staircases. The great thing about glass staircases is the fact that it offers so many advantages. Glass staircases in Kirkcaldy homes are brilliant show-stoppers, as no one can fail to be impressed by the magnificence of glass.

Likewise, they can look stunning in any setting but can work well when space is limited or if there is more light needed within the room. The reflective properties of glass mean that natural light is filtered and bounced around small spaces, as well as ambient lighting too.

  • Shape

Glass staircases within Kirkcaldy properties need not follow a set or designated pattern either. The versatility of glass means that if you favour the traditional, single run staircase then glass works well. If you plan on adding an L shaped staircase then glass will also work just as well. But surely, the crème de la crème of staircase design must be a glass spirals staircase. The curves of the staircase invite people to travel the stairs, but adding the opulent element of glass gives it an extra zing.

  • Adding you own style

Consider how long a staircase will be part of a Kirkcaldy home or property. In many cases, the original staircase will be part of the fixtures and fittings of a property for years or decades, if not the whole life of the property. If you are adding a new, or replacing an existing staircase within a property it makes sense that you would want to add some unique touches.

Glass is probably one of the hardest, longest lasting materials known to man. With very few, if any disadvantages, glass staircases are just one way of adding that statement to your home. Glass staircases can be designed in a variety of ways, from floating glass stair treads to mixing glass with the smooth touch of wood. Some Kirkcaldy homeowners also add metal to mix too, creating a unique, minimalistic glass staircase design to their property.

  • Versatility

And if you needed persuading that a glass staircase will suit your Kirkcaldy property, you’ll be pleased to know that glass can suit any style or period of house. They are not just for modern-day loft living; staircases made from glass suit all properties.

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