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Glass Staircases Kilmarnock

Glass Staircases Kilmarnock

Glass Staircases Add So Much to Your Kilmarnock Property!

It is not often that we are in the fortunate position, as a Kilmarnock business or homeowner, to look at replacing or investing in a new staircase. As ever, there is a bewildering choice of not only design options but materials too. Many people opt for wood, a traditional material when it comes to staircases but increasingly, people are looking for alternatives.

Glass staircases fit the bill of being something different, within reach of most budgets but still offering functionality.

The benefits of using glass in staircases

Durability – there is no doubt that glass, as a construction material, is one of the most durable available for use today. Unlike wood, glass does not rot and requires very little maintenance; apart from cleaning, glass does not need to be painted or varnished like we need to wood every now and then. Neither will you have to worry about tiny insects causing problems by eating through the glass, like some people have to do when the wooden stairs are in an older property.

Cleaning – who enjoys vacuuming the stairs? It is probably the least favourite job in the whole house cleaning routine but with glass staircases in Kilmarnock properties it is not such a problem. Spot cleaning is the only thing that really needs doing with glass treads; simply wiping away the odd mark or two. Dust does no gather on glass staircases like it can do on wood or carpeted treads.

The Appeal – perhaps the biggest benefit of glass staircases is the immediate visual impact glass staircases make on the building, as well as on any visitors to your Kilmarnock premises. Glass bounces light around unlike dark wood that seems to absorb it. People will also marvel and admire the glass staircase; it invites people to touch it and use it!

It also creates a sense of ‘how does that work?’ We are used to seeing glass used in a restricted set of construction circumstances, mainly windows. We know how glass shatters, we know how delicate it can be and yet here we are, trusting all our weight (health and wellbeing too!) to a glass tread!

Technology means that glass can be thickened and toughened to be stronger than any other materials known to man. Just like wood can splinter and snap, glass can hold its own for a long time; only when incredibly heavy objects are dropped on glass treads will damage occur – and usually then, it is a chip rather than a shattered tread.

But what about cost?

As glass staircases become an increasingly popular option with Kilmarnock customers and beyond, the cost will decrease but it is true to say – and there is no avoiding it! – these staircases are a serious investment of your money. They may add value to your property but what price can you put on such an amazing interior design statement?

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