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Are Glass Staircases for Irvine Properties a Good idea or not?

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of Irvine customers looking to design and install their own glass staircase.

This may be down to the influence exerted by property makeover and restoration shows on television these days; these shows have given people ideas that the extraordinary can be achieved in what they think is their ‘ordinary’ home.

But, on the face of it, there can no other less suitable material for staircases than glass. Fragile in some applications (look how easily a single pane window can break!) as well as being incredibly slippery under foot, not two qualities you look for in a material for staircases.

However, along comes modern technology and up-to-the-minute manufacturing techniques and the fragility and slipperiness of glass is somewhat negated; with toughening procedures, as well as the application of various chemicals, the beauty of glass staircases is retained with the strength and safety we have come to expect from other materials.

Let’s be honest, it is still pushing the boundaries of feasibility.

There are some amazing benefits to installing glass staircases in Irvine properties;

  • The final aesthetic appeal is beyond anything you would ever expect; each and every time you see them, you will never tire of the amazing wow factor the glass staircase gives off. Visitors to your Irvine property willgasp in wonderment, tinged with slight envy.
  • Glass is a durable product, incredibly strong and capable of withstanding even the most hardened wear and tear.
  • Those concerned with the slippery surface will be pleased that this problem has been solved; glass treads can now be etched, creating the most fetching pattern on the tread allowing for more purchase on the tread
  • Glass staircases are perfect for Irvine properties where natural light is at a premium; the natural luminosityand reflective properties of glass throw light around, making even the smallest, darkest space appear a lot bigger than it is

However, glass staircases are still an investment that is larger than getting an ‘ordinary’ or wooden staircase fitted. And, even though the treads are now reinforced and strengthened, they can still chip should anything heavy be dropped on them. 
Glass staircases can also be heavy, meaning that Irvine customers could be faced with needing additional structural work to be able to cope with the additional weight.

Having said all that, more people are investing in glass staircases, recognising that their beauty and visual appeal is something they need and want for the interior décor of their home.

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