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Glass Staircases Inverness

Glass Staircases Inverness

How to choose a staircase – why not opt for glass?!

If you are updating, replacing or adding a new staircase to a new build property, do not do anything until you have read our guide to choosing the right staircase for you...

In fact, let’s pause for a few minutes and think about a staircase in an Inverness property – it can be a home or a work place. How often are the stairs used and by how many people? Several times a day by 4 or 5 people in an ‘ordinary’ domestic setting would be one example of an answer; this will vary from property to property but overall, a fairly high frequency of use, we would say.

But did you know, of all the design features in a home, that stairs, despite the high level of frequency we use them, as the last thing to be considered and the most overlooked?

Replacing a staircase is akin to knocking down a structural wall and is not something that any Inverness homeowner should do on a whim – or as part of a DIY project BUT, if your stairs are old, tired, oppressive and badly positioned then replacing with a bespoke glass staircase is a project within sight.

The options open to you are wide and many... but you could always stick with the tried-and-tested.

In other words, replace like-with-like – simply take the old staircase and put a new replica one in (well, actually, it’s not that simple. You will need a professional stair fitting company to replace your old stairs).

Or, why not invest in a staircase that adds glitz and glamour...

Take a look at replacing your staircase with a bespoke glass staircase in your Inverness home. They can even be added to business premises too – just take a look at the glass staircase in the Apple store in New York.

But “are glass stair treads safe”, we hear you cry?! Yes, they are. Glass is layered and tempered, as well as going through a variety of chemical treatments and processes that make them strong as well as a non-slip surface.

They work well in any setting and the variety of designs now offer a stunning range of choice from cantilevered glass treads - where the steps seem to float out of the wall – to a combination of glass treads, metal wires and wooden components.

But the biggest advantage, we feel of glass staircases in Inverness properties if the ability of glass to bounce natural light into the darkest corner. During the day, they will reflect natural light around the room and by night, with ambient lighting they still glisten, as if by magic.

Don’t just go for straight staircases either...

Staircases can be designed in a variety of shapes to fit all sizes of spaces; in fact anything goes when it comes to bespoke staircases, as long at the local planning regulations are adhered too.

Glass is a wonderful material to work with and can be used in straight staircases, or stairs with a twist or turn in them or why not go all out and add some serious glamour with a glass spiral staircase in your Inverness property?

If you are in the position to upgrade, remodel, replace or have a new staircase for your Inverness property, contact Continental Stairs; experts in all things relating to stairs and glass staircases, they have an enviable reputation for quality, professionalism and great design ideas when it comes to stairs

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