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Glass Staircases – Increasing in Popularity

Thinking of glass staircase for your Greenock business? There are a few things you need to bear in mind... as stated here in The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio published in October 2013...

There is no doubt that a glass staircase in a business adds a certain touch of class and elegance. The first glass staircase in a commercial setting is thought to have been in Apple’s flagship store in New York. An added wow factor was that the stairs were not just one flight but two.

Gradually, over decades, architects, designers, renovations experts and businesses alike have realised the potential in glass staircases. So much so, that the interest generated in the material has meant glass staircases for Greenock customers have become firmly in their reach. By no means the cheapest option when it comes to staircase material, it is certainly one of the most robust, one of the most durable and certainly the material that is the most visually appealing.

But there is a down side too.

Franklin County Courthouse in America recently underwent a huge refurbishment programme. Being a place of justice and fairness, the architects and designers decided that ‘openness and light’ were the two key design elements that represented this.

Work started and the amazing interior was unveiled to the locals. Everyone marvelled at the way the natural light bounced around the vast foyer, so much so that there is very little need for electric light.

But, there is one startling issue that was missed and it was not until the building opened for use that people, designers and county officials realised what it was. The amazing centre piece of the glass staircase was central to the design. As amazing as it is, the glass treads to the stairs are made from clear glass.

Women wearing dresses or skirts take the lift rather than the stairs, for reasons that are no obvious but unforeseen at the time of creation.

Are you thinking of glass staircases for your Greenock home or business?

Don’t let this story put you off! What happened here was an oversight, the most obvious of facts being right in front of their eyes, that is was too close and it was missed.

Glass staircases can have frosted glass treads; they don’t interfere with the dispersal of light, in fact the frosted glass might even bounce the light around a little more. Apple did not suffer with the same issue as they used frosted glass treads, and neither did a university in America, local to the courthouse that also opted for a sweeping glass staircase – with coated glass treads.

Many businesses and Greenock homeowners are opting for glass staircases and here at Continental Stairs we can advise you on every aspect of your staircase... so they’ll be no embarrassing encounters!

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