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Glass Staircases Glenrothes

Choosing the ‘right’ design for glass staircases

Are you seriously thinking glass staircases could be a workable option for your Glenrothes property? If so, then there is no need to compromise on design, assuming that all staircases must be same or, if you replacing a staircase, that is must be replaced with like-for-like.

Straight glass staircases

Straight designs do not mean that the design or materials used have to make it dull or predictable; in fact, one of the great things about using glass is that it is the last thing that people expect when they enter Glenrothes properties and homes and so a straight staircase is far from being dull.

Most properties have straight stairs, some may have a turn in them so they fit a smaller hallway but no matter what shape, glass is a versatile material that can be used on its own or mixed with other materials; glass works incredibly with both light woods and metal.

Spiral glass staircases

The shape and design of spiral stairs can be enough in themselves to add a little bit of extra interest in the interior of your home, adding glass as the main material will add even more pizzazz!

The central pole is a must as the majority of the structure and strength quite literally, revolves around this central element. It can still be fitted in the smallest of places and again there is a huge variety of design options open to you if using glass within your spiral staircase, from glass treads and metal handrails and minimalist balustrades.

Cantilevered glass staircases

This design option for your Glenrothes home is a feat of engineering but glass will work in this type of design too. Imagine walking in to a Glenrothes property, to find ‘floating’ glass treads protruding from a wall? The effects are amazing but there are building regulations that MUST be complied with hence, if you are thinking cantilevered stairs, made from any material, you really will need the services of a specialist.

Alternate glass stairs

This is a design which is ultra modern and one which can take some getting used to when walking up and down them. The glass treads, similar to a cantilevered design, will protrude from the walls alternately – in other words, from the left wall for the left foot as you ascend the stairs, then the right tread from the right wall and so on.

Glass treads add a stunning finish to this design but again, with building regulations and safety concerns, you will need the trained, expert eye of a stairs specialist.

Would glass staircases be right for your Glenrothes home or business property? If so, contact Continental Stairs to see how they can help you!

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