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Glass Staircases Glasgow

Glass Staircases Glasgow

Glass staircases add WOW! Factor

A staircase is a vital part of a home that consists of more than one floor! Although functional, staircases do not have to be boring. A staircase is a connecting path from one level to another but increasingly in modern house design, staircases are becoming a design feature.

The array of materials that can now be used to create this functional, but fun piece of internal architecture in your home, are also increasing. If you are in the fortunate position to be either building a new home or even renovating your current home, have you considered glass as a material for your new staircase?


Glass staircases for Glasgow customers need not be as expensive as you think, especially when you use Continental Stairs. As a specialist staircase company, they can create the right glass staircase to suit your budget. However, glass treads, balustrades, railings etc. will be more than other materials but, thanks to increasing sophistication of technological applications, glass staircases are now within reach.


This is a consideration in planning any new staircase in your home, not just when looking to install glass staircases. If you have a larger area, then you can create a larger staircase, more decorative in character. Again, glass staircases can be a great architectural and design feature in your home. Don’t hide your staircase away if you don’t have to!


If you are building a family home, then glass stair treads may not be the way forward although glass staircases constructed for Glasgow customers do not always need to be consist completely of glass. As an effective compromise, safety glass can be used as safety railings at the top of the stairs and can complement the use of both steel and wood. Only tempered glass is used in any part of a glass staircase.


Glass staircases can be fabulous minimalist design statements in your home, especially when coupled with a metal material such as aluminium. Glass staircases can also be specialist projects such as cantilevered glass treads (staircases that seemingly float), as well as other design shapes such as spiral glass staircases.

WOW! Factor

Glass staircases also have one other very distinct factor to them – imagine friends and family viewing your glass staircase for the first time. In fact, every time they catch sight of your glass staircase they will cast a more than appreciative eye over this fantastic piece of interior house design.

Continental Stairs, based in Glasgow, offer great deals on glass staircases; contact them now to see how affordable glass staircases are!

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