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Glass Staircases Edinburgh

Glass Staircases Edinburgh

Opulent and affordable glass staircases

Glass staircases can be built in any design, in a mix of materials as they are customised, bespoke products.Continental Stairs have designed and built glass staircases across Edinburgh. They can be used for both domestic properties and business venues too. They create a fantastic statement, that oozes opulence and yet, glass staircases are as functional as any other staircase, made from any material.

A straight glass staircase

A straight glass staircase can be described as having a single, straight line of flight stairs that connects one floor to another. A straight staircase is the oldest and most common design of staircase to be found in any building.

Glass staircases do not need a fancy design to create opulence; a simple, straightforward glass staircase will ooze luxury.

Advantages of a straight glass staircase

The simple design will be budget-friendly leaving you free to spend the majority of your budget on tempered glass stair treads or other components.

The simplicity of a straight glass staircase is a feature in itself; glass staircases do not need to be over-complicated.

Glass treads on staircases offer uninterrupted views around the room, as well as uninterrupted view of it, as a piece of great interior design.

Glass also has the added benefit of reflecting light around the room. Glass staircases work well in small spaces, making it feel lighter as the light bounces off the reflective glass surface.

Straight, glass staircases can also be just as safe as any other material; glass is tempered and will not break. A straight staircase will also make falls and slips less likely, as there are no twists and turns.

Straight glass staircases are also easily constructed and require little additional technical wizadry.

Interior designers have a range of design options open to them, so straight glass staircases can ‘fit’ with any interior theme.

Disadvantages of straight glass staircases

There are very few disadvantages to this style or material but there are few you may want to consider:
Straight glass staircases offer little privacy between floors, which may not suit all customers and their families. This design of staircase can also require more space to fit into a hall or room; if space is at a premium, then customers may need to consider a curved or spiral glass staircase.

Continental Stairs can advise all Edinburgh customers of design and installation of glass staircases. Glass is becoming a more affordable material and so if you are building or renovating an Edinburgh property, contact staircase specialist Continental Stairs for a quotation now.

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