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Glass Staircases Cumbernauld

Glass Staircases Cumbernauld

Not many people find themselves in the position of choosing a new staircase for their home or business. Whilst some might find this an enviable position – so much choice of style, design and materials! – other homeowners find it a daunting prospect. What will work well? What will fit? How much does it all cost?

If you are looking to renovate or re-build a staircase in and around the Cumbernauld area, you can no better that to contact Continental Stairs. With years of experience and technical know-how when it comes to all manner of staircases, they can talk you through every decision and choice and there is to make.

Design is usually the first questions everybody asks about. Most staircases are straight stairs, following the traditional and accepted design for most houses. Some homeowners opt for spiral staircases, beautiful structures that easily take you between the levels of your home or business.

Other favoured designed are the free-standing or cantilevered staircases that look they are floating in mid-air. These staircases also add an amazing visual appeal to any home or premises.

Cost is a major factor when commission new staircases and some homeowners have found that new, bespoke stairs are an investment well within their reach.

The mix of television programmes that look at renovation and new builds have helped to highlight the different designs that are now available to home owners as well as the different materials to choose from.

The material that is becoming increasingly popular is glass. Glass staircases add appeal to any house or premises:

  • An investment – glass staircase within any Cumbernauld property will add value as it will create an air of opulent glamour
  • Light – natural and electric light will be bounced around the room, creating the most dazzling amount of light in the room or area
  • Safe – glass treads are made from incredibly thick glass, which has been toughened. Iconic brand ‘Apple’ have a three storey store in New York that are connected by a glass staircase, one of the first in commercial use in the world. With the footfall in their store, and no safety issues with the glass, proof enough that a glass staircase in your Cumbernauld property is more than safe!
  • Style and mix of materials – your glass staircase does not have to be made exclusively from glass; it can be a mix of glass, wood and steel. Glass is a versatile material and used with other materials can create a staircase style that will fit within any property – from the minimalist, modern property to a property with an older style.

Glass is a fantastic product to work with and can create a bespoke staircase for your Cumbernauld property. If you are in the enviable position of looking to invest in a new staircase, why not consider the bespoke options with a specialist company such as Continental Stairs? With competitive prices and skilled crafts people, your bespoke glass staircase could soon be a reality.

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