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Glass Staircases Clydebank

Glass Staircases Clydebank

When you think of a staircase, what do you think of…?

Functional and essential, or a thing of beauty? A journey to be savoured or something you do, without noticing, several times a day?

We can predict that it will be the latter in the majority of cases! Staircases in Clydebank homes and businesses are an essential and functional piece of kit but this does not mean that have to be boring at all.

Glass staircases for Clydebank properties can really add something a little extra to a piece of equipment that many of us will not think twice about…

The Material

 Not many people find themselves in the rare position of replacing or creating new staircases for Clydebank projects but if you are, the choice of material is vast. Don’t assume that the only option, no matter what size of project of staircase, is wood.

You can mix and match virtually any combination of material to create a brilliant staircase but for a truly unique staircase, unlike any other is the use of glass! You can use it as the tread, the balustrade… in fact, virtually any part of the staircase can be made from glass.


As well as brilliant material for giving the extra touch of when it comes to the wow factor, glass has one other amazing property that really sets it apart from any other material – its natural propensity for bouncing natural (and electric) light around a room or space.

If the staircase is in a darker or more shaded space, then glass really is the material for throwing the light around but also for making the space seem larger too.


Even though glass is commonly associated with fragility, when layered together as well as undergoing chemical treatment, glass for staircases for your Clydebank property will be one of the most robust and durable materials on the market today. Some, as part of this treatment process, also take on a fetching greenish-tinge too.


Unless you drop a very hard object on a glass tread that could chip it, glass staircases for your Clydebank homes or business is durable, lasting years and years and more just like other staircases made from other materials.

Suitable for all the family

However, it is common for many people to worry about the safety of glass staircases for their Clydebank project, worrying that people will slip of the glass treads. However, there are options for the treads to be ‘roughened’, allowing for more purchase underfoot. Glass stairs are no more dangerous or unsuitable for your home that any other material.

Do you like the idea of glass staircases for your Clydebank renovation or new build project?

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