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Do you want a straight staircase?

If you are looking to change your staircase, or create a new one for a new build project, then you will need to design the best one for you… from deciding the shape, to the materials and then having the stairs built and installed correctly.

A big step Or…?

It need not be a long, drawn-out or laborious process when it comes to designing a new staircase, especially if you engage the expertise of a staircase company in Wales. In fact, creating your own bespoke staircase is an exciting stage in a home re-modelling project or a new build! 

Deciding on the shape

This will be influenced by a number of factors but, the over-riding factor will be how much space there is to accommodate a staircase. For example, if you are re-modelling your current home then you will find that the space you have to work with will be fairly limited.

But, with recent innovations in technology and manufacture, you no longer just have to settle for one design… why not take a look at spiral staircase?

Not the kit ones…

Many years ago, when converting the loft as a DIY Sunday-afternoon project was popular, spiral staircases in kit form were the perfect solution to slotting in a set of stairs, without eating up half the room.

But, as a bespoke staircase company in Wales will tell you, they had a habit of being rickety; they were not the robust stair that people thought they would be and, to a certain extent, spiral staircases as a result had a rather poor reputation.

But, times have changed and spiral staircases are now the must-have bespoke design. Still taking up less than other types of staircases, they are no longer rickety, with a slightly flimsy feel to them. They can be designed and created to fit any space.


And, the choice of materials is growing too; spiral staircases can be made from wood, metal or glass… even better have a combination or a mix of all three! Providing there is a sturdy central pole, the spiral staircases will fit in anywhere.

What an expert staircase company in Wales will tell you is that the wow factor associated with spiral staircases has never really gone away; people love the look and feel pf the curves. They are an inviting and appealing staircase for any home.

Spiral staircases can be made specifically for your property and, they are more cost-effective and affordable solution than you think. Would they suit yours?

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