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Staircase Company Stirling

Continental Stairs is a Scottish staircase company serving the Stirling area.

Which material? What shape? How a reputable staircase company in Stirling can help you answer all these questions…

… and leave you with a bespoke staircase, meeting your every need and want!

What is your style?

Like other aspects of home improvement and décor, it pays to take a moment or two to think about your style, and what it is you like and don’t like. Although stairs are essentially functional, they need not be boring, plain or ‘normal’.

To add zest to a design, think about shape.

Shaped staircases can add a real wow factor to a home, as well as placement. If renovating or building your own home from scratch, it is common place not to place the staircase in the hallway but in the centre of the home, making them an architectural features, as well as the must-have way to get from one level to another.

Spiral or circular stairs are great for adding cures, rather than sharp, solid angles to a room or space. A staircase company local to Stirling can create your plans on paper and then calculate all the measurements and so on, needed to create a safe but amazing curved, spiralling staircase.

Straight stairs are still popular, as they offer a functionality with which many people are familiar and happy with. However, if you feel that they will look too ‘normal’ and traditional, then opting for different kinds of materials could instantly transform them from plain, to WOW!


Wood is a common material for constructing staircases and no wonder when you consider it properties. With a wide range of different woods available, the material is easy to work with and create shapes with; it is durable and robust, as well as sturdy and can last a life time.

A new material that is really gathering favour with customers is glass. A staircase company local to your Stirling company will use tempered glass that will not shatter. It is suitable for most staircases designs in all kinds of homes, with the tread not only tempered but also have a non-slip surface. However, should something heavy be dropped on a tread, it can chip.

Metal is also used in staircases, both internally and externally. A staircase company local to your Stirling project can help in designing and installing a metal staircase that fits your design criteria, as well as your likes and dislikes. It can look sleek and polished, or a metal staircase can pay homage to its industrial roots.

Or, why not combine these materials with great design from a local to Stirling staircase company, to create the most amazing bespoke sets of stairs?

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