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Staircase Company Stenhousemuir

Why you really need the help of a staircase company in Stenhousemuir

The stairs in any property – whether single or multiple flights – are important. They provide structure as well a strength to a building, but they can also be an interior piece of architectural design that is fabulous and in keeping with the interior of your home.

The staircase, you may think, is an ordinary structure but actually, with some carefully planning and the help of a staircase company in Stenhousemuir, they can be a thing of elegance and beauty.

Functional and practical

The staircase in your home needs to be two things – they need to functional but they also need to be of a practical design.

Many people would like a spiral staircase but are put off by the fact that articles tell them that they are difficult stairs to use – especially for those that are infirm. However, these articles tend to be written on spiral staircases built from kits.

A staircase company in Stenhousemuir can build a customised set of stairs that can be spiral, straight or any other combination. The important this is they must be safe to use as well as look the part.

Interior architecture

Many designers now view the staircase as a welcome architectural addition to the inside of the property. No longer is the staircase an after-thought or viewed as something that has to be there, just so you can get from one level to another.

In some properties, the homeowners make the staircase the centre of attention and to do this, you may need the help of a staircase company in Stenhousemuir.

It all sounds a bit expensive…

You may think that this is the case but there is something simply delightful about your own customised set of stairs. They are, after all an investment; it is a structure that will be used several times a day, every day of every week and month – and they will last as long as the property is standing.

In fact, in derelict properties, quite often the staircase is still standing firm, whilst the walls crumble around it!

It is also a unique opportunity. Not everyone has the chance to plan and design their own staircase and it is not until you start working on it that you realise how exciting a task it actually is!

To make sure that you get the best design for you, within your budget, why not call us today? We have loads of ideas and an extensive portfolio so that you can see examples of previous work.

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