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Staircase Company Northern Ireland

What do you look for in a staircase company?

If you are looking for staircase company in and around Northern Ireland, then you must be about to embark on an exciting project! This could be anything from building a new home, or taking time to renovate your current one. Either way, the decision to seek a new and bespoke staircase is an exciting challenge.

Some people have some very firm ideas about what they want, from the shape to the material that want to use to create their staircase. Other people come to the project with very few ideas; either way, as a staircase company working in Northern Ireland, we have some great ideas as well as vast experience.

But, what sets an excellent staircase company in Northern Ireland apart from the rest?

Experience and expertise

Creating, building and installing staircases is not an ‘easy’ job; as well as various building and safety regulations to meet, staircases need to be safe to use and so, the gradient and various measurements needs to be spot in. There is no room for error, especially in properties where the staircase is an important structural part of the building. Taking down a staircase is not something that should be done by someone who does not know what they are doing…

Do they install themselves or sub-contract?

Some companies design the staircase, with the creation of plans and measurements but, they sub-contract the installation of the staircase to another firm. There are pros and cons to this from who is responsible if the installation does not go as planned etc. But, many staircase companies in Northern Ireland complete the project from start to finish themselves.

Portfolio of completed projects

Just like other companies you would hire to finish a piece of creative building or renovation work, you would ask to see their portfolio of completed projects. Are there some designs and staircase creations in there that look fabulous, and just what you want? Or do they all look a bit the same?

Work with you to create the staircase you want but within the space

Many a staircase company in Northern Ireland will promise you the world in terms of staircase design, but they do this to get your custom. No company should make rash promises they cannot keep.

You want a company that will work with you to give you the design and installation of stairs that you want, but safely and within the space you have. From creating bespoke spiral staircases to using glass, cantilevered steps floating from the wall, your final choice needs to be elegant, yet practical, delightful and safe.

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