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Staircase Company Kirkcaldy

Hiring the best staircase company close to Kirkcaldy is easy with this quick guide…

When it comes to something as major and high impact as a staircase, getting the best advice, the right design and incredible installation and craftsmanship are simply essential. But, how do you know you are getting it all… and at the right price?


Staircases are, for many properties, an important structural element, as well as aesthetic. In other words, they look good but can also be the piece of internal structure that is holding up a wall or two!

In terms of design, it is essential that you spend time perusing the portfolio of any staircase company close to Kirkcaldy that you think will design the stairs you want.

But, in these glossy picture, what is it that you are looking for?

  • Style – within a portfolio, there should be a range of styles. This will give you a sense that the company, and its designers, are more than able to turn its hand to creating truly bespoke staircases for customers.

Every customer have very different wants and needs from their staircase; some want a high impact, interior design statement that makes people stop and gasp, whereas others want a more understated approach.

Is there a mix of styles in the portfolio of a staircase company close to Kirkcaldy, or do they all look a little too ‘the same’? Look for photographs of staircase in situ too.

  • Materials – again, an important consideration for every customer looking to create a bespoke staircase is the material or materials from which it is made.

You may have decided that wood is the way forward for you, but there are there other options, within your budget? Combining glass, for example, in select design elements of your staircase can make it look very different!

Again, as you flick through the portfolio, what main materials do you see? Wood and metal are common choices as they fit with modest budgets but for the wow factor, you may see amazing glass staircase designs too.

  • Scale & proportion – finally, in the portfolio take some time to look at the size of the staircase. In some cases, a staircase can dwarf a space, making a tight space already difficult to live and move in.

Scale and proportion is important, more so in some cases, where there is limited space. You may have issues with floor area which means that the design and installation of the staircase will need to be cleverly done to maximum light, as well as space.

Does the staircase company local to your Kirkcaldy project look like they can design a sweeping staircase around a set of criteria and possible restrictions?

As a highly reputable staircase company in Kirkcaldy, we have helped hundreds of customers create their own unique stairs; why don’t you do the same?

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