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Looking to create a new staircase? Wondering how to choose the best staircase company local to Inverness?

We have the answers here…

Your staircase is important;

  • It is the main mode of travel between one level and another
  • It must be safe and strong
  • In many homes, the existing staircase performs an important structural role too; removing it can remove a column of strength from a supporting wall
  • As well as all these factors, you staircase is an important interior architectural piece too!

Bearing these four factors in mind, you need a staircase company, close to your Inverness project who can provide all these in their unique and amazing designs.


There are various building regulations that are important in the creation of staircases, something a reputable staircase company local to your Inverness project will be aware of.

For example, the tread and rise (the shape and structure of each step) has a minimum depth and height;

  • Staircases should have a maximum rise of 220mm
  • The maximum pitch (the steepness of the staircase) should be 42°
  • In most cases, a staircase company local to your Inverness project will suggest, for safety, a hand or grab rail should be available on at least one side – however, don’t assume that this means it has to be chunky and old fashioned! There are many different designs that can be applied
  • The height of these handrails should be around 900mm; this places them in the perfect position to be grabbed or held
  • Any balustrades – the small railings that may people opt for in their stair design – should have a gap of around 100mm
  • Head clearance is important too; this works with the pitch angle and there should be at least 2m in terms of ‘head clearance’

These factors are all taken in to account when design staircases and thus, you can now see why designing, creating and installing staircases is not for the faint-hearted.

Do these factors dictate shape and style?

Not necessarily. It is possible to opt for all different kinds of shapes and styles of staircase, whilst still meeting planning consents and regulations. Spiral staircases, for example, especially when created to a bespoke design can surpass these guidelines.

Would like to replace your current staircase? Would you like a highly reputable staircase company local to Inverness to work with? Call us…

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