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Choosing the right staircase company for your Hamilton project – a ‘how to’ guide

The stairs in your property are not only essential from climbing and descending from one level to another, but also in many cases as an internal structural element. If you intend replacing an existing staircase, for example, getting the best staircase company in Hamilton is essential for structural reasons alone.

The qualities to look for

Unless you have come across a staircase company local to Hamilton previously, then you may need to some help and guidance in how to choose the best one for you. Take a peek at these suggestions…


As with many other professions and trades, seeking recommendations from people whose opinion you trust is a great way to identify a staircase company close to Hamilton who can design and install the perfect set of stairs.

The likelihood is that anyone who has engaged a reputable staircase company will be more than happy to recommend them. As with most items that are created and tailored specifically for a customer on an individual basis, there is a relationship that develops between customer and artisan; this is certainly true of a staircase company!


But, if you don’t know of anyone who has engaged the services of a staircase company in Hamilton, then you need to turn to the wonderful place that is the web.

Online reviews are a great way to find out more about a company, as well as about the services they offer, from the quality of their design to the customer service on offer.

Engaging a company to design, create and install a bespoke staircase is all well and good, but you want to know how you work with the design process so you get exactly what you want. You also want to know that should things not be to your liking, how you get them changed.

Estimates and quotes

Any kind of home improvement is an undertaking in terms of both energy and money. Stairs are or can be, an important structural part of a property so it is essential you get it right.

Many people are confused with estimates and quotes, made worse by the fact that they are two terms often used interchangeably. An estimate is a ‘rough idea’ of how much something could cost; in some cases, the work could cost a lot more, leaving you with a far bigger bill.

Quotations are a fixed price for a job to be completed, from start to finish but, some companies will tell you they are only valid for a certain length of time. This is because the price of materials can change and the quote will need to be altered to reflect this.

The key to engaging a reputable staircase company in Hamilton is asking questions. How will your bespoke staircase look?

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