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The 6 factors that stairs need – and how a professional, highly reputable staircase company in East Kilbride can help you…

The staircase is functional. And yet, like many other functional aspects of the home, it has, for too long, been at the mercy of functional being safe, and this meaning boring.

Design and mathematics have combined so that now, the staircase no longer needs to be bland and, with an expert staircase company local to your East Kilbride home or business on hand to help you, the 6 factors that combine to create a brilliant, delightful set of stairs are within reach…

i. First impressions

We all know how important these are. There are various studies that suggest we make up our mind about something or someone within seconds us catching our first glimpse of them. The same is true of a staircase; do we give it a second look or not. In many cases, the majority of people take more notice of a staircase than they do many other aspects of the home BUT, with design and materials, you can create a delightful set of stairs.

ii. Architectural delight

And these first impressions will be set alight when you see the interior architectural designs that a staircase company in East Kilbride can create. The materials used, the lighting, the setting, the shape and style all combine to create something that is far, far from boring – bit still eminently functional.

iii. Structural

But many a staircase in many a property is more than just about looking pretty. Many older properties rely on the staircase for structure, support and strength thus, if you think that this is a DIY job for the weekend – ripping the old staircase out to replace with a new one – please think again…

iv. Material

A staircase company local to East Kilbride will also tell you that wood is not the only material when it comes to creating stairs. Have you thought about the cleanliness and coolness of metal? Or the delight of glass? Or why not combine materials to make a really bespoke look…?

v. Light

Light can be in short supply in some parts of the home; many a large, wooden staircase consumes light, casting a shadow too. Big and imposing, we assume that there is not much to be done and any replacement stairs will be the same but, an expert staircase company, local to your East Kilbride renovation or new build project and tell you otherwise.

vi. Space

And staircases don’t have to take up masses of floor space either; certain shapes use far less floor space than others so if you have a space problem to solve, creating your own set of bespoke stairs is the perfect solution.

Why not take a look at what a local to East Kilbride staircase company can create for your home – and within budget too!

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