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Staircase Company Dumfries

Are you thinking of replacing or creating a new staircase?

If so, you need the services of a professional staircase company for your Dumfries project. But who? What qualities should you look for?

Like many other trades and professionals we rely on, choosing a staircase company in Dumfries is an important step in getting the final set of stairs that you want and need for your home or business. No longer are stairs bland and functional; they can be an interior design statement, a thing of beauty for people to marvel at and enjoy.

But, what three qualities should you look for? We have the answers;

Experience – portfolio & testimonials

Staircase construction that is of the highest quality both in design and finish, is an artisan profession. In other words, being trained is one thing, having an eye for detail and a passion for creating these structures quite another.

Take your time to look at the experience that the staircase company in Dumfries says that it has; do this by looking at what their online testimonials say, but also look at their portfolio. What do previous projects look like? Are the designs truly bespoke?

Recommendations – online, as well as word of mouth

Clearly, having someone recommend a company is important and statistics show that in spite on the technological and online revolution, we still rely heavily on the words of others for choosing a company but, perhaps more importantly, those companies to avoid.

There are many sites online now that share people’s reviews of local companies, as well as what trusted family or friends think if they have come across a staircase company in Dumfries. But, like other decisions in life, it comes down to your own instinct too; can you work with the company?

Understanding your vision… and your budget!

And we think this is a factor that is often not talked about or touched upon. Many of our clients have a vision, they have an idea of how they would like their finished staircase to look. Some people want it to stand out and be noticed, but others want it to be the hidden, understated gem in the room.

You need to find a staircase company in Dumfries that understands your vision, but also understands that it may be constrained by budget. The use of glass in a staircase is fabulous but, it can render the pocket empty. However, it can be used in certain parts of the staircase meaning that it may be possible to have some of your dream – without turning the budget into a nightmare.  

What would you look for?

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