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The benefits of working with a Dumbarton based staircase company on your renovation project

Remodelling, renovation, new build – call it what you will, but making structural changes to a property to make it work better for you and your family is an exciting prospect. There are some aspects however, that need to be designed and preferably completed by a professional, specialist person or company – and a new staircase is one of them.

And here’s why spending the time and money on a staircase company will bring many you many benefits:

  • Excellent design – a staircase can be an extraordinary piece of interior architectural design. It is function and yet, a thing of beauty. Many people think that this comes with a large price tag but, we think you will be pleasantly surprised how cost-effective and affordable we are.
  • Creating something unique – there are millions of staircases in situ in properties all over the world. They all serve the same purpose and yet, only a handful are truly exceptional. Take for example, the iconic glass staircase in the Apple store, New York. Your budget may not stretch to such a gargantuan staircase but, you will be surprised what your budget will get you in terms of creating something unique.
  • Meet all the building and safety regulations – there are minimum depth treads, there is the angle of incline to consider, there in the minimum head room or height to consider too. Imagine the disappointment if you create a marvellous staircase, only to be told that it cannot be ‘signed off’ by the planning inspector because it fails one of the mandatory regulations. You will avoid this with a staircase company.
  • Correct installation – it is a mathematical conundrum sometimes, to fit the spiral staircase in a tiny corner or to make sure that the grand, sweeping staircase or cantilevered glass treads are in the exact position. When it comes to installing a staircase, ‘good enough’ will not do. It has to be perfect. It really is that simple.
  • Structural changes – you also need to be aware BEFORE you rip the current staircase out of your property that it may be providing integral strength and structure to a wall or to the upper floor of a property. Just taking it out could in this scenario, weaken the structure of a property. It can also cause damage that can be difficult to repair. Or it may not – and this is the real question: how do you know?

A staircase company in Dumbarton that has a formidable reputation for designing and installing fabulous staircases can bring so much to your project – call us to find out more.

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