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Staircase Company Coatbridge

Continental Stairs is a Scottish staircase company serving the Coatbridge area.

What to look for in a staircase company for your Coatbridge project…

If you are renovating your home, or indulging in building your own dream palace, there will be numerous tradespeople and professional involves. From bricklayers to carpenters, contractors will be many and varied but, when it comes to designing and installing stairs, getting the best staircase company local to your Coatbridge project is easier than you think…

  • Get recommendations – always ask around to see if other people have experience of using a local, Coatbridge staircase company that have created bespoke designed stairs. In some cases, people may have needed their staircase fixing or replacing and they can offer valuable insight in to how a company works.
  • Online forums – if you don’t know of anyone who has recently replaced or renovated a staircase, take to the web! There are hundreds of forums on all kinds of topics, including staircase companies local to Coatbridge and beyond
  • Think about what you want – and get your ideas down on paper! Although stairs are essentially functional, this is no reason for them to be devoid of all beauty. Staircases can be as ornate and as complex as you want. Think about the space you have to fit in your stairs and whether you want them to be an obvious and a ‘wow factor’ statement within your home.
  • Understanding – when you approach the staircase company local to your Coatbridge project, are you left with the feeling that they understood your project, your wants and needs? Or did you feel you got the ‘same old, same old’ approach?
  • Portfolio – asking to see a gallery or a portfolio of their work is one way of assessing if they have a range of skills, experience and knowledge in how to create truly bespoke design for staircases.
  • Ask them about regulations – stairs need to be safe; as well as offering safe passage during ‘normal’ times, in the event of a fire or other catastrophe, they are sometimes the only safe passage from one level to another, and to a safe exit out of the building. In order for a staircase to be ‘signed off’, it needs to meet strict guidelines, such as head height, tread depth and so on.
  • Installation – design is one thing, but you also need to know about installation and how long it will take and when it can be completed. Although design stairs can seem complicated, to a seasoned and experienced staircase company in Coatbridge, once they have the final design on paper, it can be straightforward in creating the staircase…
  • Pricing – creating a mammoth, bespoke and customised staircase for your home you may think, would have a hefty price tag but, bespoke stairs made by a staircase company local to Coatbridge is a long term investment that could impact in a positive way on the value of your home…
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