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How choosing the right staircase company in Cambuslang can improve your fitness

It seems a little odd to think of the humble staircase as a symbol of power, defence and fitness but actually, take a walk through history and you will see that actually, the staircase is not so humble.

If you are looking for a staircase company in Cambuslang, you may be wondering how or why they will have an impact on your fitness but, fitting the right staircase at the right angle could make you a far fitter person…

  • Running up the stairs is classed as vigorous exercise and can burn more calories per minute than a job round the block. And there is no need to go out in the cold to do it.
  • Experts suggest taking the stairs than the lift for good reason; climbing the stairs takes eight to nine times more effort than standing in a lift. It also burns seven times more calories taking the stairs.
  • Counting calories? You burn one and half calories for every 10 steps you climb
  • Short on time? Taking the stairs has shown to be quicker than waiting for the lift, with the optimum amount of time saved in a building with five floors or less. You could save up to 15 minutes a day running up and down the stairs (as well as burning all those calories)
  • As a reputable staircase company in Cambuslang, we know that a well-designed staircase is not only a beautiful thing to look at, but the exercise of climbing the stairs produces endorphins that makes us feel great!
  • Did you know that taking the stairs at work is also better for the environment? Ditching the lift means that you cut CO2 emissions in the case of a mains operated lift.
  • Wish you could exercise more? Run up and down stairs because over 10 years, you could cut the possibility of heart attack in half.
  • Studies have shown that your burn more calories when you climb the stairs if you are overweight but also when you wear high heels…
  • The 19th century is considered the time that gave the staircase elegance, with the technology of the 20th century giving rise to more lifts being installed. However, this has come back round with the 21st century once again being the era of the staircase.
  • Going downstairs may burn less calories, but helps to tone muscles and work joints.
  • The Romans set the first guidelines for the stairs, proposing a pitch of 37°. In essence, most stairs built by a reputable staircase company in Cambuslang will not differ too much…
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