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Searching for a staircase company in Bearsden?

If so, you are entering a world where many people enjoy the creativity of designing and installing internal pieces of architecture that are not only stunning and delightful, but functional too.

However, the staircase is something that have been around for centuries; in fact, they litter history in so many different ways that who invented them is lost in time. There are many reasons why stairs are useful in certain situations, and why they play such an important part in some places.

As a staircase company in Bearsden, we are passionate about staircases and how yours will look, but we have also combed the history for some facts about the humble staircase…

Did you know…?

… the stairs were often used as a defensive measure? They helped people escape in very early times but in castle, you will see great examples of this. Stairs will always circle upwards in a clockwise direction. This is so a right handed swordsman could defend his castle against an advancing enemy.

Cockney rhyming slang for stairs is ‘apple and pears’.

Do you know why wooden stairs creak?

Many clients ask for wooden stairs to be designed by us as a staircase company local to their Bearsden project but, in many scary movies the creaking stair can often be detected. Wood is a ‘living’ product as swells with moisture. But, as it dries out, the wood shrinks causing some of the joints to creak and so on.

Some 6,000 years ago, the first wooden staircase consisted on tree trunks fitted together.

Stairs have been used for so many things and not just getting from one level to another…

As well as being part of a castles defence, stairs have also been used throughout the centuries as symbols of power, especially in religion. Granite stairs in China outside a temple are thought to have been used as a powerful symbol.

Buckingham Palace has many staircases, but the grand staircase was designed by John Nash at the request of King George IV. As well as oak, there is also plenty of bronze casting to make them look amazing.

The longest staircase is…?

The longest staircase in the world is a record held by the stairs on the slope of Mount Niesen in the Swiss Alps with a very long, and tiring 11,674 steps. The tallest building in Dubai is said to have three and a half miles of stairs!

How will your staircase look?

If you are planning a new or replace staircase, you need the right staircase company close to Bearsden to help you create your show stopping steps. Why not call us?

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