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Are you looking for something different? Something unique? Something out of the ordinary?

Don’t settle for any only set of stairs – get in touch with a staircase company in Bathgate!

The stairs are the perfect functional addition to any property. They are so abundant in countries across the world that no one really knows where or who invented them

The why becomes a little more obvious on examining what appear to be some of the very first sets of stairs. They are levelled pieces of earth, cut into a steep hillside. It makes walking up a steep hill infinitely easier and safer but, when humans were both hunters and the hunted, being able to escape quickly from a predator was essential.

This may have meant running up hill, but many four-legged species find running down hill in a controlled way difficult. Hence, many early humans took the stairs down the hillside, knowing their predator would struggle. Simple, yet amazingly effective.

The modern staircase

Today’s staircase, whether inside or outside of a property, is no longer used as a means of escape from predators but, can be a means of escape to a place of safety. Fire is the modern ‘predator’ if you like, and thus every staircase built needs to be a set of criteria from minimum tread depth, to minimum head room and so on.

Materials are also different, in some ways. There is now a wider choice and working with a staircase company in Bathgate means you have access to them all, as well as inspiring designs and finishes.

  • Wood – traditional and yet it can also be breathtakingly modern. It can be carved, smoothed and rounded and be a thinking of beauty.
  • Glass – a new material on the block and yet, it has been a material that has been around for centuries. That said, it was only in the mid-20th Century that we learnt the techniques needed to make it into the toughened, shatterproof material that we need it to be. You can have glass balustrades, or glass tread – only your budget limits its use.
  • Metal – from polished aluminium the drama of wrought iron, there is a metal that is perfect for any staircase.

Or, why not combine all three materials?

Work with a leading staircase company in Bathgate – call us

As an experienced, specialist staircase company in Bathgate we have the tools and the skills to be able to work with you to create a staircase that is truly unique to you and your property.

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