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Staircase Company Ayr

Continental Stairs is a Scottish staircase company serving the Ayr area.

Creating a new home?

You need a staircase company in Ayr to design the most important internal piece of architecture…

The architectural beauty of a staircase should never be underestimated. It can wow and invite people in equal measure.

In many homes, the staircase is the first thing that you see. Normally located in the hallway, close to the front door, it leads you from one level to another. Safety is important but, staircase design does not have to be boring, plain or traditional.

Replacing a staircase

There may be times when you decide to replace a staircase and this is a great opportunity to create something unique and different. However, there are considerations that need to be borne in mind…

 In existing properties, staircases can be important structural items, as well functional ones. Simply ripping out the staircase is not an option. The upper floors may not have the support that it needs and could collapse. Likewise, the strength of any walls to which the staircase is bolted will also be weakened. Rather than doing it yourself, always get the advice of a staircase company close to Ayr before doing anything.

Can I change the shape and design?

There is nothing in the rule book that states an existing staircase will need to be replaced like-with-like. What does impact on the design and style of a staircase in equal measure are two factors;

  • Budget – with a budget to be considerate of, the more ornate and complex a design, the more it will cost; add to this the types of material you opt for too, the cost can soon spiral beyond your limit!
  • Floor space – the design and style of a staircase will need to work within the amount of space you have. This may be ample for the design you want or it could impact on your choice. A highly experienced staircase company in Ayr will be able to guide you through the best design options, as well as safety measures and features that must be in place with a staircase in any property.

The choice of material or materials

There is an ever expanding choice of designs, as well as the types of material you can use in the overall finished staircase.

Have you, for example, considered glass stair treads? Toughened and treated, they make amazing features in any home.

Or maybe you want the minimalist appeal of beech wood, with the clean lines of aluminium? This can be created too…

Or maybe you have long admired the curves of a spiral staircase…

You can design your own bespoke stairs with an experienced staircase company in Ayr – and it starts with one phone call to us.


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