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Staircase Company Airdrie

Continental Stairs is a Scottish staircase company serving the Airdrie area.

Creating perfect stairs in your home – how a local Airdrie staircase company can create something bespoke and unique for you

In most cases, when you buy a property, you don’t give much thought to the stairs. They are there, in the hallway and they provide a functional avenue to and from the next level within the home.

You may decorate them with greenery and red berries at Christmas time, may hang a few fairy lights off them but that is all. They become a monster when you need to vacuum the carpet and they receive no more thought than that.

But if you could, would you replace them? If you were building your own home or renovating a space, what would your staircase look like? What would a local Airdrie staircase company design and build on your behalf.

WHERE will the stairs be?

In most houses, the staircase is housed in the hallway and is the first thing that most visitors to your home see and notice as they enter your property. But, if renovating the interior of your home, there is no hard and fast rule that says staircases must be in the hallway…

WHAT shape will they be?

In some cases, this will be a decision that could be limited by the amount of space you have or don’t have to use. Spiral staircases are not the rickety, narrow things associated with kit packs from the 1980s. Bespoke spiral stairs, created by a knowledgeable staircase company close your Airdrie project will be able to create stairs that are superbly spiral, without being too narrow, and certainly not rickety.

Straight stairs are no less beautiful and, if space is tight, to meet some planning regulations as well as safety features too, straight stairs may need to have a dog leg inserted in them; this simply means adding a twist or turn in the run of the stairs.

WHICH material do you favour?

If money is no object, there is no substitute to the marvel that is glass. Tempered and thick, glass treads bounce natural and ambient light around a space, creating a stunning display and a space full of projected rainbows.

Wood is still a popular material for stairs and can be crafted into beautiful shapes; polished and varnished, wood can also be painted and stained to become something simply unique and gorgeous.

Metal is also popular and, like glass and wood, can use used on its own to create an amazing staircase or can be used in combination with any of these other materials to create bespoke staircases.

If you want a new staircase, why not design your own with a local to Airdrie staircase company?

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